Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hey Is For Horses: A Blog Series on Dating

Besides church, curriculum writing, book-shelving, and colluding with my soul-brother Eric to make trouble and shake things up, I attempt to participate in normal life activities from time to time.  Including dating.  Welcome to Hey Is For Horses.  (Don't worry, Mom, I won't say anything I wouldn't say at the dinner table.)

I found my friend Dianna on OKCupid last week.  We messaged back and forth for a bit about the pitfalls and horrors of online dating.  Dating online (or in general?) can be a nerve-wracking and/or creep-filled experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  We quickly came to the realization that, as Women Who Blog, we had a place -- perhaps even a responsibility -- to share our experiences with the world, and encourage our friends / family / courtiers to pursue dating with respect for others and confidence in oneself.

Together we hatched a plan:  Hey Is For Horses, a November blog series about online dating.

We’ll be blogging our way through the month of November on several topics, from building a profile, to getting a date, to handling rejection the way you’d want to if someone was making a movie of your life (and you’re not being played by Gary Bussey or stalkerish sad female version of same).

Dianna and I do different things with our lives.  She’s working as a preschool nursery child care attendant, living in a mid-size city in South Dakota and awaiting the publication of her book Damaged Goods: New Perspectives on Christian Purity in February of next year.  I’m working as a Lutheran curriculum writer and bookstore customer service provider, living in metropolitan Minneapolis and awaiting first call as a Lutheran pastor.  Dianna dates men and women (mostly men) and I date women.  We come at online (and real-life) dating from different places, but we’ve found that a lot of the mishaps (and resulting hilarious stories!) are the same.

So bring your stories, your questions, your comments!  Add our blogs to your choice of RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter here and here.

Once more into the breach!

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