Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not a sliver left to hide behind: a rereading of Isaiah 30:12-22


“Let Go and Let God”
This slogan can be an antidote to the desire many of us have to control the uncontrollable.  Instead of relying upon our ego or self-will to direct our lives and the lives of others, we draw upon the strength, wisdom, and compassion of a Power greater than ourselves.
- How Al-Anon Works for Families and Friends of Alcoholics

As long as I kept them trapped inside me, my feelings were painful and poisonous secrets.  When I let them out, they became expressions of my vitality.
- Courage to Change, April 23


Thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel:
Because you believed that appearance was more beautiful than vulnerability,
   and put your trust in control rather than truth,
an honest word will shatter you,
   and revelation will be like a crack in a high dam.
If you will not cede control, it will be wrested from you.
If you sacrifice your soul to protect a facade,
   then God will free you
   by shattering it beyond repair.
There will be no shield to give yourself cover,
   not a sliver left to hide behind.
The only safety left for you will be in the shelter of God's wings.
Only in surrender will you find the power you have longed for;
   only when you let go will you be strong.
If you try to run, the truth will follow you.
If you hide, you will find honesty still with you.
The cave where you conceal your heart
   will be filled with light that searches you out.
But do not be afraid.
God is sitting like a dog at the door, waiting to love you.
The Lord is longing to rise like the sun
   with a glow of mercy and grace.
God has promised to set all things right;
   trust in the Lord, and on God's own timing.
On that day, your tears will cease.
In that hour, your weeping will be a siren in God's ear,
   and the Lord will come swiftly to answer.
You may be given bread that leaves you hungry
   and water that dries your tongue,
   but when you eat and drink, you will see God face to face.
Your path will be illuminated with enough light to see by,
   and you will be blinded to anything but justice and peace.
With each step, solid ground will rise to meet you,
   and you will hear a voice behind your shoulder, saying,
"Yes.  This is what you were made for."
Then all that you trusted in, every brightly polished veneer,
   all the gold and silver of the lies you told yourself,
   will look like water and waste.
And then in returning to yourself
   and resting in your God
   you shall be saved.
Your heart will be quiet,
   your soul trusting,
   and your whole life strong.

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