Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun news!

I've been invited to join an online group of contributors who write on questions of faith from different denominational and experiential perspectives.  They're The Ecumenicals, and you can find them here:  http://www.ecumenicals.org.  I'll be writing a post for them about twice a month.

Here's the bio I wrote for them:

Education:  B.A. in Religion, St. Olaf College
                   M.Div in Congregational Missional Leadership
                    at Luther Seminary (concurrent senior).
                    Intern pastor at Light of the World Lutheran
                    in Apple Valley / Farmington, MN.
Blog:  emm-in-sem.tumblr.com or emm-in-sem.blogspot.com
Emmy has found her home among the Lutherans after being baptized Catholic, raised Episcopalian, and spending formative years in the non-denominational and Assembly of God churches.   
She holds to common ecumenical confessions, including the importance of Scripture, the Trinity, and the creeds; she also holds to most of traditional Lutheran theology, like our lives as simultaneous saints and sinners, our desperate need for God’s grace, and the Bible and the preached word as “law and promise.”  She believes that our very real and very near God is intimately interested in justice, and that the invisible God is most clearly revealed in the cross. 
“I love a good story— Biblical or otherwise!  I love to be with people when they ask hard questions, questions that they’ve been told they can’t ask.  I love biking around the parks and lakes that make up Minneapolis (where I live) and eating good food (either home cookin’ or out at a swanky new place) with Kristi, my partner of seven years.  As a contributor to the Ecumenicals, I hope to dive deeply into the Bible and into my theological tradition and rise to the surface with something that can nourish others.”

My dear friend Ali says, "Girl, you never stop working."  (And I like it that way.)

On that note, I have a sermon to write for Sunday; prayers are welcome -- and also your bodies, if you want to hear the results in the flesh.  10am in North Trail Elementary at 170th and Pilot Knob in Farmington.

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