Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unrefined poetry: "With Sighs Too Deep for Words"

No, I do not pray as I ought.
I pray in hopes and wishes,
in wild imaginings of futures,
with Oh! that it migh, be another time and place!

To this the Spirit replies:

I think I do not hear,
and so I ask You? or You? or You?,
but when all is No and Next Time
and I am dared to truly wish,
what might have been is now.

What I wished for is not another place and time
but a wholly different feeling,
a total new communion,
something else than what I live in now.

I receive it by grace, but not graciously,
and fighting it, am asked:
Is this not what you wanted?
I say:  I was afraid to say I did.

Then, holy laughter.
O child, she says,
you never have to ask
for me to know.

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