Thursday, June 16, 2011

To the girl who loved herself too little

I swear an oath to you today
to sit with you one night,
not now, but soon.
I will grow arms large and long,
wrap them around you like gold.
I will love all in you that you never loved,
which is to say,
I will love all in you that is good
for what it is, not what can be made of it.
I will love all in you not yet fulfilled
for what you can become.
I will love all in you that is broken
for what it was,
for what broke it,
for how someday, not now but soon,
you will take the crisp shards
and build a heart much stronger,
build beauty from the brokenness.
I will look into the darkness with you
and be unafraid,
for I have sat in the dark night of my soul
and seen the dawn.
I have walked through the flames
and come out, singed but whole.
So I will sit with you and bear you.
I swear an oath today to love you,
not for any deed or work or thought
but for all the beauty and brokenness
that simply is,
as you are.
I love you, for you
are me and
you are mine.
And you never loved yourself enough,
which is to say,
at all -
but I love you now,
for you are me.

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