Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I'm starting to suspect about church...

I met with Dr. Zscheile last week to talk about the Congregational Mission and Leadership concentration.  The intent is to develop "new missional leaders", which is a fancy way of saying that you spend time learning how to start new churches and how to redevelop stagnant ones.

This is really, really interesting to me, because I've become convinced in the past five years that the way we "do church" right now is killing pastors, congregations, and people - and is entirely antithetical to the body of Christ. 

I don't just mean "American Christianity", where Caucasian Jesus nukes the Arabs while holding an American Flag and riding a triceratops (although obviously that is antithetical).  

I mean the programmatic life, the insistence that if we "do" worship or Bible Study or Sunday School or youth group or whatever "correctly", then we'll get more members.  I mean the idea that these things can  be done "correctly", and that more members is the ultimate goal of the body of Christ.

I think the truth is that the church is an assemblage of absolutely horrific, idiotic, flawed people, who are required to love each other because Jesus said so - and you make a family out of that, and you go through pain together and you get in fights and work them out and you stick it out not because you "get something out of it" or because "we need more members" but because it's just so beautiful.  

So I'd like to learn how to do that.

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