Friday, September 24, 2010

Plugging in.

Part of my journey in these coming years is learning how to effectively tap into my source - that strength of self that sustains me when I am weak.  Obviously, the source is Jesus, but tapping into that effectively is tricky.  (At least for me, since I overthink EVERYTHING.)  So I've been trying to keep track of what plugs me in, what drains me, and what is just a waste of time.

- Worship - specifically congregational song.
- Time with friends (either spontaneous or planned).
- Morning yoga & strength training (once I get past the 6am part).
- Time with Kristi.
- Finishing a project (that rush of adrenaline is awesome).

- Driving.  I HATE DRIVING in rush hour traffic.  I blame every negative feeling I've had this past week on the fact that I drove to school every day.
- Scheduled time that turns into wasted time (like a meeting that goes off track, a minor crisis that nevertheless DEMANDS immediate attention, etc.)

Time wasters:
- Facebook.  'Nuff said.
- Movie / TV marathons (much as I hate to admit it...they are nice, but they aren't a plug-in).

And there are more to find, I'm sure.

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