Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just sent five emails to five people who've been holding me up in prayer this week.

Partly to thank them for their prayers and compassion (as Hall noted:  "suffering-with")...partly to update them on the situation...and partly because I'm trying to compartmentalize my life, and finding it difficult to focus on my Hebrew vocab or my Greek translations or sloshing my brain through Rudolph Otto when people keep popping up and asking, "Are you OK?  Do you want to talk about it?"

Hint:  No.  No I do not.  Not right now.  Right now, I would like some lunch, and I would like to finish researching the warfare tactics of 8th century Jerusalem so that the hymn "Come You Faithful, Raise the Strain" is properly contextualized.  I promise that if I feel the need to talk, I will come get you, but right now, thinking about it is just making my brain switch into worry mode which is already its natural state and there's no need to encourage it further.

May God make me worthy of the kindness I've been shown by the amazing people around me.
May She grant us a quiet night, and peace at the last.
May He slip me an extra hour or two when I find I am most in need.
May we all feel the love that we have.

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